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Join the USACO Workshop to Improve Your Programming Skills

Now enrolling for USACO Workshop starting August 2022. Get Ready for USACO Bronze and Silver level competition


C0deEx is offering workshop to prepare students for USACO Bronze level and Silver Level. The programming language used for the purpose of this training will be Java. Students can participate in their language of choice of C++/Java/Python for USACO.

  • Workshops will run from August thru December. 16 classes and each session is for 90 mins.
  • Students will be introduced to Data Structure and algorithms that are relevant at the Bronze Level.
  • Students will work on implementing the solution in Java in the classroom. They also work on Homework problems.


1. What are the different levels of USACO and how does the test happen?

There are 4 different levels of USACO, Students start at a Bronze level and progress thru Silver, Gold and Platinum. Tests are conducted 4 times in a Year and it is online.

2. What are the advantaged of choosing Java over C++ ?

JAVA is easier to learn, however students participating for this workshop must have basic Java coding experience. On the USACO training pages, both C++ and Java have the same time limit even though Java runs slower than C++. However, mostly on all contents Java has a bigger time limit than C++

3. Why should I encourage my student to participate in USACO ?

USACO is a national level coding competition and carries similar weightage in the resume just like participating in USAPhO/USAMO/USAJMO. The problems given in the test is very insightful that helps to build the analytical and computational mind that will help in professional life.

4. Can I see a sample USACO problem at the bronze level ?

Sure, please use the link below for more information and see USACO Bronze Sample Problem

5. Can I see a sample USACO problem at the silver level ?

Sure, please use the link below for more information and see USACO Silver Sample Problem

6. Can I dropout of the course if I find the workshop not suitable for my

student ?

Absolutely, you can drop out of the course after the first session with the full money back.

7. How many students will be there in 1 class?

Every class is limited to a class size of a maximum of 6 to 8 students. Classes will be conducted over Zoom.

8. What will be covered in the class?

The classes will introduce the concepts and move on to problem solving related to each concetps. Over the period of 16 weeks, we target to solve at least 25 problems from previous years.

9. Is there any homework?

There will be lot of homework as students can only do well if they practice the problems on their own. We expect Students to spend at least 2 hrs. every week doing the homework

10. What is the program Fee?

USACO Bronze - 16 classes of 1.5 hr each. Total program fee $600

USACO Silver - 16 classes of 1.5 hr each. Total program fee $699

If you want to break it down to two equal payments please let us know and we can help.

11. Is there any private session available?

If you like to do private session please let us know and we can accomodate the request

12. Who will teach the class?

The course will be taught by industry veteran of 20+ years and have worked as a Wall Street Quant developing quantitative model for financial market

13. How can I get more information?

Please contact C0deEX at for more information about the workshop. If you have general question about USACO Please visit the official website of USACO


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