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  • The C0deEX Experience

    We make Kids education
    easy & fun

  • The C0deEX Campus

    We make Kids education
    easy & fun

  • The C0deEX Experience

    We make learning coding
    easy & fun

Introducing Students to Programming through Popular Games like Minecraft and Roblox

Three reasons to introduce kids to Programming

Prepare Your Kid for the Digital Age

C0deEX students learn professional computer programming languages such as Python, JavaScript and Java while playing and building with their favorite games.

Give Your Child the Mentors they need for success

C0deEX instructors are experienced computer software developers, who also know how to keep students engaged.

Make Learning a Fun Game for your Kid

Make professional grade games and software while earning badges and being awarded points! Kids rave about C0deEX!

At C0deEX we help jumpstart your kid's career and ensure future success by helping them master the following computer coding languages by using popular games

Coding Languages

News & Events

Zero Robotics is a summer STEM program offered through a partnership between MIT Space Systems Lab, the Innovation Learning Center, and Aurora Flight Sciences. It is sponsored by NASA, the Center for the Advancement of Science in Space (CASIS), which manages the International Space Station, and the Northrup Grumman Foundation.


Dino Defense Tutorial-Learn how to make this Amazing game in Scratch!!

Scratch Tutorial to Ping Pong C0deEx

Battle Royal

Mod Creation AI

Mod Creation Essentials

Scratch Adventures

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